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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 14, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sean: that does it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. we hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday night. . gallagher, have a great weekend. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] bill: the fak fact -- "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> i think it will put america at risk. it's one of the worst decisions any president has made. bill: one of the top 9/11 terrorists will now be tried in civilian court. in new york city. some people think that's a very bad idea but the obama administration disagrees. >> he will be brought to new york, to new york, to answer for their alleged crimes. bill: we'll hear both sides of this important story. charges that a new disaster movie that wipes out nearly everybody goes out of its way not to offend muslims. we'll tell you what we know
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about "2012." >> no matter what happens, we'll all stay together. bill: now the big announcement. ready, ladies and gentlemen? glenn beck returns to "the factor" with a major announcement involving him and me. take it away. your humble correspondent. >> i want to warn you, it won't be politically correct. bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. khalid shaikh mohammed gets a break and that's the topic of our "talking points memo." he is involved in planning the 911 atrocity and is perhaps the biggest terrorist captured in america. he was water boarded and gave up some of his al qaeda colleagues who were taken in
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custody. for the past three years he's been in prison at guantanamo bay where he should have been tried in front of a tribunal. he is a war criminal and killed thousands of civilians. that's what war criminals do. hard to believe the bahama administration doesn't believe that and now will be tried in a new york civilian court and new york congressman peter king is outraged. >> no purpose to be gained by this and will probably put americans at risk and will more importantly be giving constitutional right to war criminals. this will go down as one of the worst decisions any president ever made. bill: the obama administration sees it differently. >> i'm a prosecutor myself and looked at the evidence and considered the problems these cases present and i'm quite confident that we're going to be successful in the prosecution efforts to the extent that there are political consequences, well, you know, i'll just have to take my lumps to the extent that those are
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set my way. bill: there will be lumps. talking points believes khalid shaikh mohammed will not be on trial in new york city, water boarding and the c.i.a. will be. the it likely will be a fiasco and take years and cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. again, why are we doing this? do you think the 9/11 families want to see a circus? do you think they appreciate the fact an al qaeda killer and his lawyers will get to spew all kind of anti-american propaganda? because that's what's going to happen. president obama should explain this thoroughly. instead, the announcement is made while he's in asia. does that tell you something? why didn't he wait until he got back? i'll tell you why, because this is indefensible. war criminals should be tried by military people. if you don't know about the trials at nuremberg, look them up. herman garing was not taken before new york city and tried before a civilian jury because that would have been insane, just as this is. and that's a memo. from "top story" we'll have
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both sides of the debate beginning with karl rove who joins us from austin, texas. i want you to look into the future a little bit. how bad do you think this decision will be for barack obama coming on the heels of fort hood and the terrorism debate there. how bad do you think it's going to be? >> at the end of this we will see this was an utter, unmitigated disaster for the security of the united states and for the interest of the united states in the dangerous world we live in. the sanctimonious comments by general holder today are this, self-serving and self-centered. we ought to be concerned of what is in the interest of the united states of america. you nailed it absolutely right. what good is there to be gained by trying these mass murderers, war criminals in civilian courts with rules designed for conventional crimes committed by conventional criminals as general mukazie once said. they'll challenge the way they were treated and what about the chain of evidence and did we have all the constitutional
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nicities in a war? they're going to proclaim outrageous treatment and lie about it because they've got the world stage and this will serve to recruit additional jihaddists because they're going to attack america throughout this entire episode, the sorry episode and they're going to try and get support throughout the muslim world for their cause by ex-core eighting -- excoriating the united states of america and our views. why give these people the stage to seek the hard irdom they desire more than anything else -- martyrdom and desire more than anything to show their rnl. and i think we'll look back and say they did this on a friday afternoon because it was a cowardly act not in the interest of the united states of america. bill: some people feel the reason they did this, particularly attorney general general holder is he wants to put you and the rest of the
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bush administration on trial as well as khalid shaikh mohammed. so there are people who believe, look, this is a political play as well because they'll be able to embarrass the bush administration, embarrass the central intelligence agency and at the same time probably get a conviction against mohammed. so for the obama administration they get the conviction and discredit you guys. >> it is a sorry sorted -- sorry, sordid petty maneuver if that's what they want to do. let's be clear about this. the united states of america's cause will suffer in the muslim world because the truth runs at about 20 miles an hour, lies go at about 500 miles an hour and these lies will course through the muslim world and inflame resentment against the united states. bill: every accusation the lawyers for mohammed and the other four terrorists because there will be four others tried in civilian court in new york will be top lined aevery arabic newspaper in the world.
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>> absolutely. bill: the police chief of new york city, ray kelly, who i respect, and mayor bloomberg, and i think he's ok, too, both have issued statements saying this is ok with them because they believe that the guy who orchestrated 9/11 should be tried in the shallow of the death. and you say what to that? >> i say that i appreciate the sentiment but there's a greater issue here. think about this, the source and methods of american intelligence are going to be disclosed in public court. these defenders, their lawyers will seek every opportunity to share the secrets of how they were captured, what they know, what they have communicated to their captors, and the way in which the information was extracted. they'll share those publicly so we'll compromise sources and methods of intelligence. generation mucasey made a point we'll see not charges filed because it will compromise methods of intelligence even this administration is not
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willing to give up. i appreciate mayor bloomberg and his police chief saying we can handle it. that's not the case. the question is, is this in the interest of the security interest of the united states of america? bill: certainly in the interest of the 9/11 families, that's for sure. >> can you imagine what it will put them through? re bill: that's my primary concern and security for the folks who live in this area. i've asked you this question before and i'm going to ask you again, president bush had two years where khalid shaikh mohammed was in guantanamo bay and could have gotten, i think, a case before a military tribunal and taken care of this. instead, you allowed it to drift on and now the obama people are in charge and here's what they're doing. i think you should have nailed it down when you had a chance. >> even military tribunals are subject to outside pressures, and a lot of outside pressures were put by lawyers who have been recruited by holder to serve inside this justice department. this is a continuation of a long-standing plot by a bunch of left wing warriors who do
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not love america, who want to undermine our cause in the global war on terror and who oppose the military tribunal. bill: the lawyers blocked you? >> absolutely they blocked us. where do you think we ended up in the supreme court with this nutty decision on hamden, osama bin laden's driver? because outside lawyers pressured the system. we ought not be in a rush to go to military tribunals, we ought to be in a rush to get these people and lock them up and keep them locked up. the idea now we're going to civilian courts in the united states -- you think about the practical problems. we talk about the security threat to the united states, but think of the practical problem how many u.s. marshals are going to need to be to control the security of the courthouse, the jurors and journals. imagine those jurors who will now have to be anonymous. can you imagine how much osama bin laden or some al qaeda lone wolff terrorist would love to kill a judge or juror involved with this? bill: it will be a very
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difficult thing and take four years. zach ryeous moussoui took that long. and a big announcement from glenn beck regarding him and me. don't miss it, ahead. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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9/11, khalid shaikh mohammed will be tried in front of a new york city jury. joining us we have congressman anthony weiner in our studio. that's take the first thing c.i.a. and water boarding will be on trial, not mohammed. >> i think the more openness the trial the better. bill: you don't deny it will be c.i.a. and water boarding? >> no, you'll have the same rules of evidence that apply to a lot of sensitive cases. we do sensitive cases all the time particularly in this jurisdiction in new york. you'll still have those protections. but the more important thing is there are two trials going on. one will be the terrorist finally will be put on trial where he did his crime. but also we'll get a chance to show off the criminal justice system of the united states of america which is the best -- that is the goal -- bill: is that the same criminal justice system o.j. simpson was acquitted? is that the same one? >> we have the worst except compared to the other ones. bill: i'm worried it will be a circus and it will be the
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c.i.a. and the bush administration and water boarding and that's what the lawyers will make the centerpiece and i believe that will happen. >> water boarding is determined to be torture and torture does not give us credible results. every study has shown that. bill: so that takes precedence over khalid mohammed's crimes, that should be on trial and not khalid shaikh mohammed? >> i didn't say that. what i said was credible evidence, bill. you've been water boarded probably, are you going to tell them you're really not bill o'reilly? no water boarding produces what the guy will say anything to stop it. torture doesn't give us credible evidence. bill: you're missing the point. the lawyers for mohammed are going to make the trial about the c.i.a. and the bush administration. is that what you want? >> absolutely not. this is about justice. these men took down people. i was assigned to the pentagon when it happened. as you well know, when in afghanistan i headed the
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anti-terrorism unit but i also defended the ideals of our nation. our court systems are strong enough. bill: you don't believe in military tribunals? >> in gitmo now we're creating more terrorists outside the walls. bill: in general as a military man and the congressman was a naval officer, you don't believe in military tribunals? >> me? oh, absolutely. i think they're appropriate at the time and place for what the supreme court said twice. that they have been constructed but did not give them the proper evidental rules that a civilized nation would provide a person. so then they've redone them. we redid it in the defense authorization bill to try and make them better. but you look at the history of military tribunals -- >> let's bring them home and put them in jail. bill: if you look at the trials from nuremberg to bosnia to 9/11. it fits. you're a new york congressman and know the suffering of the 9/11 families. you can't possibly think the 9/11 families want this.
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>> some of them do. some of them may want a chance to have their moment in court as well. i'm not exactly sure i understand the concern. the concern is this guy won't get put to death. you don't have to worry about this. i trust we'll keep the city safe. we have the best police officers in the world. what is the concern? is the concern now after eight years finally we're doing what the bush administration -- bill: turn it into a circus and you'll have recruiting. >> trials are sometimes not tidy but the outcome is what i care about it and i want this guy put to death or better yet maybe the best thing should be this guy gets aquestioned and comes to brooklyn. bill: then we'd have to prosecute you. karl rove said look, every circus element of the trial, and there will be, both you congressmen know that, it will be front page news in arabic newspapers all over the world. those people over there aren't going to get the subtleys of
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our system and they'll hear the propaganda, congressman weiner. this entire trial will show how the united states, how we mete out justice. bill: how will they know that? [all talking at once] >> to your point, karl rove, which i thought was quite insightful, if they'd done this properly several years ago, they would have shown our ideals are resolved. bill: but it would have and a tribunal. [all talking at once] >> the supreme court was they weren't correctly put together. bill: you both are sincere guys, ok. did you not see zach ryeous moussaoui trial, did you not see four years of b.s.? the guy admitted he did it and it took four years to convict him and he got up and said the most outrageous things about
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our country. it's not acceptable. >> but he's convicted, bill. bill: four years. four years of bull. come on. tens of millions of dollars wasted. >> so bill, you're going to take water boarding and say that guy should stay in a black hole in gitmo or bring him into a court system and -- [all talking at once] bill: you can have the last word. >> the argument is that our criminal justice system is sometimes sloppy and messy and difficult to watch. i can see that. but this is a system we have to mete out justice. i want justice to find eight years later -- [all talking at once] >> we have the best prosecutors and the best police and the best judges anywhere in the world. and it doesn't mean they get some things wrong but this they will get right. bill: directly ahead a civilian jury convicted the sniper john allen mohammed. what does geraldo think about that? and the charges that the disaster movie "2012" went out
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of its way not to offend muslims but christians got whacked. no muslims. can that be true? we'll find out coming up.
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bill: personal story segment, reports are the fort hood killer major nidal malik hasan is paralyzed from the waist down after being shot by authorities. he faces the death penalty for his actions. the way media treated him and the entire story is still being debated. joining us from los angeles, a retired marine officer and former board member of the muslim public affairs council. colonel, do you think the media downplayed the muslim connection as far as hassan is concerned? >> initially i think they did. i remember driving home in my car and listening to the first commentary on it and i didn't
6:23 am
hear the word "muslim" at all and quite happily surprised from my perspective and continued into the night when i was watching one of the television shows, a news broadcast -- bill: how long have you been a muslim, by the way? >> for 30 years. bill: so you were happy the media did not emphasize that hasan was a muslim obviously because you love your religion and don't want to beshurge it in any way, correct? >> that's correct. bill: you were once the highest ranking muslim offensive in the country. were you bothered in the service because of your religion? >> well, it's -- the best i can tell you is there's a lot of type a personalities in the military, including myself, i guess, as a helicopter pilot, and you have to have a little bit of thick skin. that's part of being in the club. bill: everybody gets jazzed. >> sure. bill: but did you get any more than the other people? >> not at all.
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probably a little bit more because -- bill: go ahead. i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> i probably got a little bit more because i was white and because some people might have considered me a traitor because i used to be a christian and now i'm a muslim. bill: but the fact you were a muslim, you rose to the rank of colonel, not easy to do in the marines. >> absolutely. bill: it doesn't seemed to have held you back. >> never held me back at all. after 911, i can tell you that as a patriot myself, we were called back to service, i raised my hand and volunteered and no one questioned my loyalty and who i was. they said, hey, you're stepping up to the table, great. bill: i'm glad to hear that and i think my audience is, too, that you were able to function in the marine corps without being harassed or anything else because you were a muslim. now lets get back to the fort hood situation. my job is to report the situation accurately and fairly, which i did. i identified hasan as a muslim
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and i quickly identified him as a terrorist based on eyewitness reports he had used allau akbar and he had a business card that said soldier of allah and had been disciplined while trying to convert people to islam while on the job. so this guy's motive was a terrorist motive. i don't believe i did anything wrong or anti-muslim do you? >> absolutely not at all. in fact, i would agree with you, he is a terrorist of the worst kind. what disturbs me, though, is that i don't like the idea of using the word "muslim" as part of that because it gives credibility to the whack jobs of the world that have twisted some ideological aspect of, you know, taken a line out of context and then, you know, from that have created a whole
6:26 am
new religion. bill: and i respect that you see it that way. but here's my problem. it's almost 100% muslim terrorism we're dealing with in this world, almost 100% driven by islamic fanatics who have perverted the religion. so we must emphasize that's where the danger is coming from, correct? >> i absolutely agree that it's coming from these extreme type people that are acting in a terrorist role. bill: there's one religion and one culture generating the terrorism and to avoid that and to not report that is dishonest. i'll give you the last word, colonel. we appreciate you coming on. >> oh, sure. this is the part i'd like to say. first of all, we're deeply saddened, my community is deeply saddened by what has happened. major shigetoshi hasegawa betrayed us as americans --
6:27 am
major nidal malik hasan has betrayed us as americans and in the military. bill: and he betrayed the islamic religion. and i'm glad to hear you say that, colonel. i've got to run. >> how do we give him a name when he's betrayed all those aspects that you've taken an oath to. bill: here's a name you give him, muslim terrorist and he's going to go -- >> why don't we call him an army terrorist or a doctor terrorist? bill: you could do it but jihad, not the army, was the driving force in his violence. i appreciate it. i've got to run. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves along this evening. did the movie "2012" where just about everybody gets wiped out go out of their way to not offend the muslims. and glenn beck with an
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bill: in the friday geraldo segment, the sniper john allen mohammed executed this week after being convicted by a civilian jury in virginia. here now with action, geraldo rivera. you don't have a problem with this, do you? >> it's interesting you describe him as a terrorist killer because in the general sense of the word, he certainly is a terrorist, moreover, john allen mohammed, according to lee malvo, his teenage accomplice used the word "jihad" in his personal discussions and his motive was to extort millions so i could take homeless children from the united states to bring them to canada where he would train them to be islamic extremists
6:31 am
in camps in canada. but he's never described the beltway sniper was never described as a terrorist. bill: you and i call it like it is, geraldo and why you're on the program. there's no difference between john mohammed and nidal malik hasan. they're the same guys and killing out of hatred. >> or john russell who killed five g.i.'s in iraq. they're all the same, psych pathic, sociopathic, mass murdering dogs and deserve to die. bill: why is the media reluctant to say that? >> i think that the problem is what your lead is. and i really watched with great interest your interview with the colonel i thought was excellent. i thought both of you were excellent. bill: thank you. >> the thing about the united states military is it is the most perfectly integrated government agency we have. you look at a typical marine or army company, and you see american -- bill: everywhere. >> you see the diversity. you see the mosaic and the melting pot, however you want
6:32 am
to describe it, there's several of each. it's a wonderful, wonderful thing. and what nidal malik hasan, this major did, he really did go over his religion and did as the colonel suggested, not only did this murdering pig take out 13 innocent people and sow terror in the classic sense of the word but defamed the religion he professes to advocate. and that is a sin he'll be haunted with even as the military court executes him. but i say this, hasan would be executed in a military court or a civilian court just as john allen mohammed was sentenced to die and was executed last tuesday night by lethal injection in virginia. and as khalid shaikh mohammed will be when he's brought justly to the city that was the scene of his horrible crime -- bill: you're crazy on that.
6:33 am
>> and convicted by a federal jury and sentenced to die. bill: there's such a thing called harm reduction. do you know what that is? that in any kind of a public exposition, you try to do the least harm you can. listen, geraldo. you've got to think about this. you and i are new yorkers and have been forever. geraldo is born and raised, and we lived on long island. the pain that the 9/11 families experienced is the same today as it was eight years ago. it hasn't gone away. you're going to have a circus trial here, a circus trial where water boarding, the c.i.a., the bush administration, dick cheney, that's what's going to be on display, not khalid shaikh mohammed. >> i disagree. bill: i can't believe you disagree with me because you know how much pain the 9/11 families are going to experience. >> you remember ramsey juice eve, the blind sheikh.
6:34 am
they were charged with the world trade center bombing. i was there and looked at the hole they made only because their bomb was a little less powerful than they intended, they were tried in the southern district of new york. they were convicted and sentenced. bill: it is a different thing. they were living here. >> they were colleagues and brothers of these murderers. bill: they were living here like zacarias moussaoui when he was picked up. no one had a beef with that trial. no. khalid shaikh mohammed was picked up in atching. >> in pakistan. you used the term "risk reduction." that's what guantanamo bay was in the minds of the bureaucrats. they said what are the risks here? the risks aren't escape, people don't escape from maximum federal prison. the risk is the publicity or the propaganda" bill: terror attacks, whatever. >> the united states constitution might offer too many rights to these people. bill: would you have brought herman gehring after world war
6:35 am
ii here. it's a sheisters trick to evade the united states constitution and justice will be done where it deserves to be done in the shadow of the buildings they destroyed. bill: you're insulting the military justice system. i've got 30 seconds. would you have brought herman gehring from berlin to new york city to try him after world war ii? >> yes. bill: that's crazy. >> i would have loved to see him stand before the relatives of those jewish people and the other people that he massacred, let him come here. [all talking at once] >> we have nothing to fear. these people don't scare us. bill: harm reduction. geraldo, everybody. very passionate as always. bill: when we come back, a big beck segment, major announcement coming and the glenmeister weighs in on the fort hood situation as well. beck is next. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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6:39 am
you can't catch it, can you? >> no. bill: i was worried having you on. >> i walked in -- i didn't walk, they wheeled me into the operating room and everybody was wearing masks and it was white and all pristine clean and i said before you put me down, are any of you marxist? any of you vote for obama? if you're a marxist you might want to put me out. bill: beck, don't be ok with that. you're ok now, right? >> yes. bill: fully recovered? >> now i'm with you. 100%. don't i look great, i lost almost six ounces. bill: the problem with you looking great is you're in makeup three hours, people don't know that, you have a team of surgeons, the same people who took you out your appendix does your makeup. >> when you're in there, like can you suck any of the fat out of me? bill: what do they call that with that little thing? >> liposuction. bill: couldn't they do that? >> i don't have universal
6:40 am
health care. bill: you will soon. >> or i'll go to jail. bill: are you going to be a conscientious objector? >> the first time in history to be a citizen, to not go to jail you have to buy something. bill: i think you should go to prison for this cause. >> really? that would be fun. bill: i'll help you. >> really? bill, they watch in prison? bill: we could be cellmates. >> i don't think it would go well. bill: they'll give you your own cell. let's get serious. the fort hood massacre, president obama, how is he handling it? give him a grade, a to f? >> as a politician, i think he's handled it as a b. on a politician level. i have a problem with it. i think the man is in constant campaign mode. i can't get past when he was giving the speech about the native americans and it took
6:41 am
him three minutes to get to a tragedy. i just -- bill: he was giving guys raves and stuff like that. >> in i fay quote the president, a shout-out. i can't imagine on december 8, 1941. f.d.r. coming out and saying, hey, i want to give a shout-out to bob hope. bill: let me play devil's advocate, when he heard the news about 9/11 -- >> he was live on television sitting there in front of cameras and they whispered it in his ear. this isn't something whispered into his ear in the middle of a speech. he knew coming out. i don't know. there's just something wrong here. there's a disconnect. bill: you think president obama, rather than be the leader of the country is still trying to get elected? >> i don't know. i don't know what it is. bill: you don't think he's genuine? >> there's not the same --
6:42 am
bill: is he not genuine? >> no, i don't think he holds the armed forces in the same regard as many americans. bill: remember, that's what they said about bill and hillary clinton, they didn't have high regard for the military. >> i think there's a difference here between bill and hillary clinton. by the way, they didn't have high regard for the military. now, we've gone from george w. bush who had uber regard to the military to a man who i think -- there's just a disconnect here that i can't put my finger on yet. it bothers me when i'm told don't jump to conclusions, when the benefit of the doubt is given to the guy who just killed 13 people. bill: ok, now the big announcement. ready, ladies and gentlemen? listen to this. >> oh, boy. bill: beck and i, going on the road in january for the "bold fresh" tour. take it away. >> that's what we're calling it? bill: bold fresh" tour.
6:43 am
>> four books on "the new york times" list now. bill: none as good as "bold fresh." that's why we're calling it the "bold fresh" tour. >> nobody told me. bill: you're just along for the ride. >> wait a second. are you taking part of my salary? bill: no, no, no. you're going to pay you 10%. >> that's good. are you taking greyhound and i'm going by plane? bill: tell them what it's going to be? >> i'm bill's opening act and will get you revved up and bell will come out and do 30 minutes and get you revved up and then, then we're going at it. bill: then we come back together. >> yes. bill: a little intermission. >> here's the things, i get to finally ask him the questions. bill: that's right. so this is going to be in tampa. >> yes. bill: charleston, south carolina. >> yes. bill: norfolk, virginia. with a preview at the westbury music preview on long island near my house.
6:44 am
>> are they playing music? bill: they might. we might have a choir. >> ♪ glenn beck bill: where can folks find out about this because they'll want to see it. we have a website, do we senate? >> i've been in the hospital. i was sick. i know nothing. bill: you're mocking me because of what i called the four. throw the slide up there. here's the information, if you want to see beck and i in january in those venues, tampa, charleston, norfolk and westbury, contact this website and they'll make it happen. >> here's the thing. i want to warn you, it won't be politically correct. bill: no. >> there will be -- bill: probably riots. >> there will be metal detectors, too. bill: we'll have a lot of fun. >> yes. it will be great. bill: it will be a lot different than the television presentation. >> yes. bill: and you will -- you're going to rant and i'm going to rant and then we'll rant at each other. >> and i'm willing to have you rant at him, too.
6:45 am
not me, but him. bill: the bold fresh tour, o'reilly and beck coming to a theater near you. it will be interesting. glenn beck, everybody. >> thanks, man. bill: if you want to see beck and i bloviate in person, we'll be appearing in tampa, charleston, norfolk and westbury, long island. makes a great christmas gift. give those tickets to somebody you don't like. coming up next, the dumbest things of the week. i have a good one for you tonight. moments away. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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bill: in "the back of the book" segth, the dumbest things of the week.
6:49 am
gutfeld, you chose the new movie "2012" why is it dumb? >> in this movie roland emerick destroys all the holy sites but leaves the us malmic sites out of it and had discussion beforehand and realized if they destroyed a holy site they probably would have been killed. bill: the vatican goes down. >> christ the redeemer. bill: in "most ridiculous item of the day," that gets blown up but no muslim icons ever? >> yeah, they actually discussed this. him and the screen writer. they're afraid. bill: they're afraid. >> at least they admitted it but they're still cowards. bill: i was going to use a clip of that movie but i'm not going to because it's too dumb but want to know what you're thinking about it. >> you've been talking about nidal malik hasan and the u.s. army is reeling from a bad case of political correctness so we should not be shocked in hollywood. bill: they're scared. >> that's what i'm saying.
6:50 am
it's politically coward, so it's still p.c. we're afraid they're going to blow us up. >> that's exactly what it is. bill: we'll knock out the vatican and christ the redeemer in rio. >> and the buddhist temple. they know they can screw with christians because christians won't kill you. >> here's a hint, hollywood, you're safe. bill: the hawaii chair. this is amazing. this is somewhere where you lose weight and don't have to do anything. roll tape. ♪ >> this is amazing. >> it feels great on my abs. >> i can really feel this working. >> hawaii chair while answering phones, using the computer, balancing books or filing paperwork. >> you can hardly call this work. with the hawaii chair it takes the work out of your workday.
6:51 am
♪ >> ♪ you can get fit the hawaii chair ♪ >> you're a little too into the commercial. bill: you know why i was riveted? it's so stupid. why would anybody think that's going to do anything other than make you throw up? >> bill, i talked to a registered dietician and she's into fitness and she says the chair forces you to use your muscles to stabilize yourself and any time you use your muscles -- don't laugh. bill: have you got in an hawaii chair? >> i have not. bill: gutfeld, you need the chair. he needs to firm up. >> i'm looking at it, it's not working your abs, it's working something else completely. bill: and look -- >> what is that? bill: look at these people. >> look how toned their stomaches are. >> you lose weight because you throw up because you're nauseous. bill: get in your car and go on an unpaved road and it's free.
6:52 am
>> i would want the hawaii chair. bill: you going to buy it? >> no. bill: don't tell me it's not dumb if you're not buying it. it's realted -- related, my dumbest thing of the week. this is unbelievable. the japanese lawmakers set a waistline maximum for workers between 40-74. if your waistline as a man is more than 33.5 inches, you have to go to counseling. if you're a woman, it's 35.4 inches. i guess you give that to the pregnancy factor. anyway, they actually come around in the workplace, gutfeld and measure your waist. and if you have a bigger waist than the government says, you've got to go to counseling. and we're talking about health care here? >> i'm a very pudgy, adorable guy, but i will not get a job anywhere because the employers are going to say that guy's going to cost me money and counseling. bill: did you say you were
6:53 am
adorable? >> i attach it to being pudgy and adorable. >> he's a teddy bear. bill: this segment is the dumbest thing of the week. how about you? >> i would like to be part of the counseling. because i use the hawaii chair. bill: sure you do. >> ♪ hawaii chair bill: you eat sushi. >> i eat panini. bill: you know what sushi means in japanese? bacteria. >> i had no idea. i learn something every day. bill: what if they did that in the united states, going around measuring your waist in the united states? that's what's going on in japan. >> they'd have to pry my big mac from my hands. bill: president obama is in japan right now. it could be coming here. "pinheads & patriots" on deck. tonight, sarah palin's thanksgiving plans. .
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
bill: time for "pinheads and patriots." sarah palin is promoting her new book, "going rogue." oprah astor about the father of her daughter's baby coming over for thanksgiving. >> i think he needs to know that he is loved. he has the most beautiful child.
6:57 am
this can all work out for good. we do not have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama. bill: forgiveness is the hallmark of a true patriot. we hope he gets to dinner. we don't know what that will happen. the governor will be here next thursday and friday. i do not think we will get into that. the balloon but parents are in court today. richard heene pled guilty to charges to avoid the deportation of his wife to her native japan. she pled guilty to lesser charges of false reporting. they called authorities last month that their son was trapped in a run away weather balloon. they remain pinheads. check out the christmas store. we have everything in stock.
6:58 am
we are giving away a lot of stuff. we have a lot of giveaways. now, the mail. bill: people be tried in a military court, so there is no chance of that happening. >> bill dumb mistake on my part. thanks for the alert.
6:59 am
bill: you need to get some fresh air, sir. she is not on "culture warriors." bill: i agree. thank you for reading my book. the talking. memo is on khalid sheik mohammed. he is being tried in new york city and i think that is an awful mistake. please e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world., name in town if you wish to apply. when writing to was, please do not be truculent. that is the word to drop on kids. hey, you, don't be truculent. it will confuse them. they will look around and then they will ignore you. they will ignore you. that


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